Extended local building supervision – The “carer”

The aim of this service area of Rustler Baumanagement is the optimal support of building owners in the construction phase of real estate projects.

A dedicated specialist in the Rustler team as a so-called “carer” ensures that building supervision is extended.
Due to the high number of individual trades in construction projects, an interface between the trades is essential, which monitors and coordinates these directly and daily on the construction site and documents their work.
This increased presence on the construction site also supports the early detection of causes and triggers of faulty services, which helps avoid additional costs, construction time delays, poor workmanship and disrupted construction processes.

The service also includes the recording of defects with the specially developed “RBM House-Book-App”, whereby the complaints are immediately forwarded to the respective executing company, and the implementation of the correction of defects is carried out in the execution phase.

The tasks of the “carer” include:

    • Support for builders during the construction phase
    • Coordination between the individual trades in building projects
    • Daily inspections of work on construction projects
    • Ongoing quality monitoring and documentation
    • Coordination and deadline monitoring of the work
    • Identification of defects and implementation of corrective measures
    • Early detection of defective services

Contact person:

Photo of Dipl. Ing. (FH) Markus Rüscher
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Markus Rüscher Tel:: +43 1 895 76 71 824 Download VCF