Rustler has recorded several hundred raw attic transactions over the past 10 years and indexed the values accordingly. The evaluation clearly shows that the average sales prices for raw attics with a legally binding building permit are well above the sales prices where there was no permit.

“The average value for raw attics with building permits has been around 30 percent higher in the last 10 years than for those without a permit”, says Maximilian Kainz, who is responsible for research at Rustler.

For an unfinished attic with a legally binding building permit, for example, an average of around 2,200 euros per square meter of usable space was achieved in 2020.

“The more living space that can be achieved in an attic, the higher its value per square meter of usable space, since the smaller the usable space results in higher proportionate construction costs and elevator installation costs”, Kainz continues.

“In individual cases, even raw attics without a building permit can achieve a high sales price if an extension is very likely or a submission has already been made to the building authorities. In principle, however, the legal security of a building permit is of decisive importance for the price, in addition to the location and the usable living space that can be achieved”, says Rustler Immobilien Managing Director Alexander Scheuch