The Graz metropolitan area is currently recording the strongest population growth in Austria. The resulting need for housing and the uninterrupted new building campaign are one of the reasons that the real estate service provider Rustler has grown steadily in this dynamic environment. The team around branch manager Georg Habersatter already has over 20 employees and covers all ser-vices in the management of real estate in Styria.

Taking care of condominium is one of the most important and central areas of business. The smooth operation, professional cost management and sustainable preservation of the value of the properties are key issues for the property management team at Rustler Styria, for which Michaela Jaklitsch (30) is now responsible as the new team leader for condominium. The experienced prop-erty manager moved to Rustler in 2019.

“We are pleased that Michaela Jaklitsch has developed into a leading manager and will help shape our further expansion in the Styrian real estate market,” explains branch manager Georg Habersat-ter.