With its commercial management, the Rustler property management offers a special service for real estate developers or owners who want to outsource only parts of the property management.

“We are pursuing the goal of relieving property owners, who basically manage their properties themselves, in the area of real estate accounting”,  comments Walter Seierl, the authorized signatory of the Rustler property management, explaining the benefits of the service.

Communication with tenants or flat owners continues to take place in the name of the respective property owner or client. “The client’s logos are automatically taken over, and, if desired, they can also be sent via accounts of the respective client”, Seierl continues. Rustler thus takes a back seat as a service provider.

Support for real estate developers and owners is provided within the framework of this “commercial management”, for example in the areas of advance notices and reminders, operating cost statements, posting of account statements, payments and posting of incoming invoices, as well as the value assurance of rents.