Attic extensions

Over the years, the attic has morphed from an unused dry room to a sought after living experience. Attic extensions will – unlike almost any other building project – allow the creation of a new and attractive living area within a relatively short time. Its attraction will increase as areas suitable for building become more scarce and expensive.

We will, within the framework of an extension project, also clarify issues such as:

        • Subsidies
        • Extent of the alterations, based on statutory regulations governing development
        • Static loads, taking into account the condition of the building and the regulatory standards
        • Technical infrastructure for water, gas and electrical power
        • Installation of a lift
        • Creating parking spaces
        • Fire protection regulations
        • Thermal and sound insulation

RUSTLER-THE PLANNERS are specialists for attic extension. We will create new, high quality living space for our customers and support the owner of the building in determining statutory, building and economic prerequisites, taking into account the requirements and specific circumstances of the property.

Our experienced specialists will assure you of top quality living space even before building starts.
Selection of the cladding for walls, ceiling and floor will be an important criterion, as it will establish the properties of the living areas in terms of living ambience, noise and fire protection.
Energy may also be saved using modern materials for ceilings, windows and doors.

We will support our customers as consultants, planners, project managers and general contractors through all the phases of the attic extension project.


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