Building restoration

When a customer commissions RUSTLER-THE PLANNERS with the restoration of an old building or other property, this will enhance not only its visual and architectural appeal, but especially also the long term earning power of the property.
To achieve the goals of sustainable appreciation and retention of value, we will draw up a comprehensive concept for restoration, based on actual/target conditions. To establish the precise objectives, we will need, among other, the structure of the usable area, the location, the quality, the development potential, the rental income and the revenue. We will, on request, support our customer in his analysis and definition of goals and actions.

Based on this, we will draw up restoration concepts addressing the following key points:

    • Full inventory, description of the condition as is, listing of visual damage in order to establish the condition of the building
    • Cost calculations based on the actual/target situation with detailed specifications and evaluation of quotations
    • Listing of mandatory findings
    • Evaluation of subsidies and financing options

Customer’s benefit:

    • Higher yields
    • Ensuring sustained value
    • Increasing the quality of the property and its utilisation
    • Higher rental incomes
    • Sustained appreciation
    • Reduction of vacancies

Consideration of environmental and health aspects
Within the framework of restoration of buildings, we will support our customers as consultants, planners, project managers and even as general contractors. We can offer all the construction planning and building management services required for single measures up to full restoration.

Contact person:

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