Rustler Excellence Service

From administration to development

We ensure that your property is not only properly managed, but that it is also optimally maintained and developed according to your specifications.

Our goalis

    • the reduction of costs as well as
    • the increase of yields.

Our property management services:

    • In addition to the visits scheduled already, we take time once a month for personal talks with the tenants, during which an inspection also takes place.
    • During these inspections the condition of the property is also checked.
    • Minor defects will be corrected immediately.
    • Repairs carried out are closely monitored.
    • In addition, you will receive from us every six months (quarterly at the beginning) a detailed report on our activities and successes within the framework of the Rustler Excellence Service.

Your advantages:

    • More effective in-house controls
    • Identification of all possibilities for further development (letting, relocations, supplemental agreements etc.)
    • Cheaper repairs
    • On-going personal contact with all tenants
    • Minimising rent reductions
    • Improvement of debt collection
    • Improvement of the appearance of the house

Contact person

Photo of DI Martin Troger , MBA
DI Martin Troger , MBA Tel: +43 1 891 39 330 Download VCF