The online portal Rustler Net Service

Only customers of the Rustler property management have total insight

Look over your manager’s shoulder!

We do not only offer the inspection of accounts, but also enable you as a property or apartment owner to follow our daily work. This service is unique and is based on our document management system – electronic file management and processing. In this system, all documents are archived and can be viewed online by you. In addition, all activities are recorded in writing and these comments are also accessible to you.

Your key to transparent property management:

    • Internet database for an overview at the push of a button
    • The same level of information for owners, tenants and administrators at all times
    • Free service for all Rustler property management customers
    • Daily update
    • Full transparency

Under the item “RUSTLER 24/7 Netservice Login” you can register online free of charge and receive a user ID and password by e-mail, which can be changed individually after the first access.

Your RUSTLER Net for apartment owners:

    • Business cases
    • Land register shares
    • House accounts
    • Last payment specification
    • Residential contribution account
    • Archive – Operating costs settlements
    • Archive – Previews
    • Archive – Payment specifications
    • Satistics on operating costs

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