Impressions of our colleagues

How the daily life at Rustler is going on can best be told by those who experience it every day. Find out from our colleagues how we live and work at Rustler.

Jan Bahr – Real Estate Manager

“I started off in property management as a career changer and RUSTLER gave me the opportunity to get to know this exciting business. I especially enjoy the variety of our work, which is interesting and challenging. Therefore I am looking forward to accept new challenges every day in order to care optimally about the issues of our customers. RUSTLER offers the best conditions with modern office equipment, internal training courses or short decision-making. The working atmosphere is excellent and the colleagues of the other departments are happy to provide assistance and advice where needed. RUSTLER is a family-run company and the managing directors appreciate one’s performance. In addition, everyone has the possibility to develop himself. By the way, the application process was very quickly. After the interview and a Trial day, I immediately got the commitment for the vacancy. All I can say is: It is well worth applying!”

Ioana Sirbuleasa – Office Manager at Rustler Property Services RO
“I love working at Rustler because I had much to learn from colleagues. Teamwork is present in our team, so things are easier to do. Everything is done for fun, so it’s a pleasure to come to work every morning and know that whatever will be, will have the support of colleagues and I continue to learn new and useful things from them. I can’t think of any other employer that does what they do for their employees, personally and professionally. It’s encouraging. The management and employees are all very nice and so are the clients. I am extremely proud to say that I work here.
For me, the Rustler team is a second family.”
Delia Filipitsch – Real Estate Consultant

“The Rustler Group has successfully operated in the real estate sector for 80 years now. Over time, the sole proprietorship firm grew into a large, globally active company. Yet, despite this growth, the Rustler Group remained a Viennese family-run business.

Regular in-house events are organised to promote mutual familiarisation between colleagues from the other areas of the company.

Excellent cooperation with our back office greatly facilitates my activities. This means we can pass on some of the office work in order to focus on our customers as estate agents during their viewing and also to the best of our ability assist interested parties who have not yet found the property they are looking for.”

Liviu Berciu – Property Manager at Rustler Property Services RO

“I like to work at RUSTLER because the operations are moving fast, we are encouraged to make decisions, we have an open relationship with our manager. Also I am respected by the colleagues and by the clients too. At the office it’s a friendly environment and good working conditions.”

Thomas Müller – Project Manager

“In April 2013 I started at the facility management of the company as a drying technician. We built a sizeable drying department, and are now able to perform almost any drying. In mid-2017, I succeeded in advancing to the project manager. Since then, I am working as a project manager and drying technician at the facility management company and, together with my colleague, lead the restructuring team of the fire and water damage department. The cooperation in the company and in the sister company is very straightforward and it is responded to all unforeseen work very quickly. Although my job requires a great deal of sensitivity in dealing with people who are affected by water damage, it is a great pleasure for me to meet new people every day. The highlight for me is to have new challenges every day and to see how a water damage has once again turned into a sizable room / living unit and gives it a new shine. Impressive is the coverage of all trades by all companies of the RUSTLER Group. Any deficiency or renewal in the house can already be remedied, maintained or carried out by the facility managements own employees to the utmost satisfaction.”

Markus Rüscher – Teamleader Project Management

“Since 9-years I’m working for the company RUSTLER and I’m daily confronted with different tasks of the construction industry. Due to the team-oriented approach to problems and opportunities, it was always possible for me to develop an adequate solution. In order to be able to develop innovative solutions that match the latest technical standards, continuous specific training is essential. I appreciate RUSTLER that the employees are encouraged by the company not only for further education, but also through a varied internal training program. RUSTLER is always interested in the sustainable personal development of every single employee.”


“What I like the most about Rustler here in RO is the fact that I can always count on the advice and the help of one of my colleagues here at Rustler be it related to work or otherwise. This kind of teamwork is very important for me.
Related to job specifics, I like the diversity of the issues we need to resolve and the challenging ways we need to do it – it’s a multilateral effort involving management, acquisition, civil engineering skills, not to mention a bit of diplomacy required when working in buildings that are already fully rented. While these restrictions can sometimes give us headaches, it’s all the more rewarding when the end results are appraised by our clients.”

Larissa Keminger – Real Estate Manager

“I have been working for several years in the property management of Rustler. The work is always varied and challenging. I really appreciate the support for professional and personal training. Expertise can be refreshed in our in-house academy at any time, so you stay always well informed. I enjoy going to work because the cohesion and atmosphere in the team as well as an efficient cross-team exchange and private activities guarantee a great working climate.”


“I like my job in the company Rustler because of the very pleasant environment and varied field of activity. Also, a very important reason is the knowledge already assimilated and many others that can be assimilated because of the international work experience shared within the group and the branches from other countries.
I like the facility management activity because it keeps me active and focused due to the variety of job related aspects.”

Christina Gaugusch – Teamleader Architecture

“As an employee at Rustler – The Planners I consider myself part of a clear structure with rules, goals and space for development.
I am able to participate in the team, learn and benefit from the experiences of others and share and expand my personal know-how.
My area of responsibility includes all the phases of design and implementation, from project conceptualisation, via planning and up to project implementation. Defined limits must be complied with, both in terms of statutory provisions and guidelines and also schedules and cost.
One will simultaneously also try to look beyond the familiar and conventional horizon, to allow creativity free reign and to impart a personal touch to the fundamentals without impairing flexibility.
It is exciting, thrilling and sometimes also absolutely nerve-wracking to be part of a project from conception to completion – yet also a lot of fun and rewarding when the successful outcome is achieved.”