We will assist you in finding the right rental flat!

When looking for a rental apartment it is essential to have professional assistance. Only at first glance do the numerous platforms seem to simplify this complex real estate market.

If you are looking to rent an Apartment our real estate agents in various locations in Austria can offer you a wide variety of properties, ranging from small flats to luxury apartments.

Numerous reference projects and a large range of property offers show you that we are the right partner for you in your search for an apartment.

If you own an apartment that you would like to rent out then you may of course also engage our services. We calculate a fair market price, we design professional property documentation and we deal with the contract negotiations and processing on your behalf.

Contact our real estate agents in Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Mödling and Vienna – we look forward to working for you!

Contact person:

Vienna branch

Photo of Nadine Kaes
Nadine Kaes Tel: +43 676 834 34 684 Download VCF

Photo of Timo Kohlweiss
Timo Kohlweiss Tel: +43 676 834 34 683 Download VCF

Mödling branch

Photo of Daniela Andre-Simonnet
Daniela Andre-Simonnet Tel: +43 664 41 21 380 Download VCF

Photo of Stephanie Dukes
Stephanie Dukes Tel: +43 676 834 34 653 Download VCF

Photo of Ulrike Rösch
Ulrike Rösch Tel: +43 676 834 34 689 Download VCF

Photo of Martina Zoldos
Martina Zoldos Tel: +43 676 834 34 677 Download VCF

Graz branch

Photo of Margit Pürrer
Margit Pürrer Tel: +43 676 834 34 763 Download VCF

Photo of Stefanie Körbisser, MSc.
Stefanie Körbisser, MSc. Tel: +43 676 834 34 693 Download VCF

Photo of Florian Schwarzenberger
Florian Schwarzenberger Tel: +43 676 834 34 702 Download VCF

Innsbruck branch

Photo of Werner Vorauer
Werner Vorauer Tel: +43 676 834 34 482 Download VCF

Klagenfurt branch

Photo of Alessa Huber
Alessa Huber Tel: +43 676 834 34 581 Download VCF

Linz branch

Photo of Klaudia Funk
Klaudia Funk Tel: +43 676 834 34 698 Download VCF

Photo of Petra Strobl
Petra Strobl Tel: +43 676 834 34 699 Download VCF