We will assist you looking for your detached house or mansion!

If you are looking for a detached house or mansion we will be pleased to help you find your desired object. Especially when looking for a house or mansion and despite an abundance of adverts and platforms it is essential to have a good market overview and direct contacts to the property owners.

You can consult our real estate agents at various locations in Austria and they will continually offer you a selection of houses and mansions in various sizes.
Numerous reference projects and a large range of property offers show you that we are the right partner for you in your search for a house.

We are also the right address for you if you want to sell your house or mansion. We can offer you not only a profound market-value analysis and professional documentation but we also guarantee you an effective marketing. A continuously updated list of prospective buyers will assist you in the sale of your property.

Contact our real estate agents in Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Mödling and Vienna – we look forward to working for you!

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Mag. Dr. Kira Freigassner Tel:: +43 676 834 34 675 Download VCF

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Dino Mujic Tel:: +43 676 834 34 686 Download VCF

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Sara Hufnagl Tel:: +43 676 834 34 667 Download VCF

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Fabian Doll Tel:: +43 676 834 34 703 Download VCF

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Sercan Kilic Tel:: +43 676 834 34 682 Download VCF

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Daniela Andre-Simonnet Tel:: +43 664 41 21 380 Download VCF

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Ulrike Rösch Tel:: +43 676 834 34 689 Download VCF

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Margit Pürrer Tel:: +43 676 834 34 763 Download VCF

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Florian Schwarzenberger Tel:: +43 676 834 34 702 Download VCF

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Licaj Arber Tel:: +43 676 834 34 274 Download VCF

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Alessa Huber Tel:: +43 676 834 34 581 Download VCF

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Andrea Lindner Tel:: +43 676 834 34 576 Download VCF

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Klaudia Funk Tel:: +43 676 834 34 698 Download VCF
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Mag. (FH) Petra Rohrmoser-Lichtenschopf Tel:: +43 676 83434 388 Download VCF
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Maximilian Lastonersky Tel:: +43 676 834 34 387 Download VCF