We sell and rent your property in a competent and focussed manner!

Our team of real estate agents supervise all types of properties ranging from rental apartments and condominiums to apartment buildings and commercial properties.

Sales and renting

If you own apartments or apartment houses we will find tenants and rent out the property in a professional manner. If you would like to sell the property then we will efficiently find buyers and investors. We are supported by a continuously updated list of prospective buyers as well as an exact search profile of our investors.


Advertising strategies for the renting or sale of your property will be discussed with you and we can offer numerous marketing possibilities: starting with real estate platforms, innovative instruments in online marketing, as well as print media and through to local advertising on the property itself or in the immediate vicinity. Rustler is present at numerous trade exhibitions in Vienna, Graz and Linz and we issue our own customer magazine where your properties can be advertised.

Contact person

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