Building refurbishment & subsidised renovations

1. Building refurbishment

When we refurbish an old building or other property on your behalf, this not only provides for an optical-architectural enhancement but above all for the long-term profitability of the property.
In order to precisely achieve the goals of sustainable value enhancement and value protection, our team creates a comprehensive restructuring concept based on the actual-/target situation. In order to clarify the exact objectives, we ask – among other things – about the structure of the usable floor space, the location, the quality, the development potential, the rental income and the yield. If required, we support you in the analysis and the definition of the objectives and measures.

Based on this, we will draw up restoration concepts addressing the following key points:

  • Exact inventory, survey of the actual condition, list oft he optical damages in order to determine the condition of the building
  • Cost calculations based on the actual/target situation with detailed specifications and evaluation of the offer
  • Listing of the legally prescribed findings
  • Evaluation of the funding and financing possibilites

Your advantages:

  • Higher yields
  • Ensuring sustained value
  • Increasing the quality of the property and its utilisation
  • Higher rental incomes
  • Sustained appreciation
  • Reduction of vacancies

Taking environmental and health aspects into account
In the course of the restructuring process of a building our experts support you as consultants, planners, project managers and also as general constructors. We offer all services of construction planning and building management, both in the area of overall refurbishment and for individual measures.

2. Subsidised renovations

In principle, renovations can be financed by own resources, loans or subsidies. Especially in the Vienna area, subsidised renovation is of great importance. Our financing specialists can look back on many years of profound knowledge in the complex field of subsidised renovations .

Examples of subsidised restoration for our customers:

  • § 18 MRG (Tenancy Act) – Restoration, apartment building maintenance
  • Plinth restoration, apartment improvement measures and maintenance
  • THEWOSAN – thermal energy renovation of residential buildings
  • Subsidies for apartment building improvement

Our experts will advise you as builder-owner in all questions of subsidised renovation, for individual measures such as the installation of lifts or the partial or total renovation of properties.

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