Specialist energy consulting

Most people will know their motor vehicle’s fuel consumption, but very few know the energy consumed by their property.

Roughly a third of the total energy consumed by buildings in Austria will be for space heating and hot water. 90% of this is on account of residential property built before 1985. Up to 40% of annually consumed heating energy may be saved through proper insulation and control.

In non-residential buildings such as offices, ca. 35% of the running costs of the real estate will be for energy supply. This may be reduced by up to 70% through targeted optimisation of energy required for lighting, heating, ventilation/air conditioning and hot water. It will therefore be worthwhile investing in energy saving technologies at an early stage already.

Every building, however, will be a complex system and thus unique: Factors such as the structure of the external walls, the technical standard of equipment or the individual usage requirements will interact and thereby affect the energy needs of a property.

All the more important, therefore, to consult an independent and competent partner like Rustler Baumanagement GmbH on these issues.

Why call on Rustler construction management for energy effectiveness calculations?
You may, for instance, establish the actual energy status of your property using the energy efficiency calculator. As part and parcel of the assessment, you will furthermore also receive investment and amortisation calculations for the recommended measures. Professional specialist energy consulting will pay – both for you and for the property.

Customer benefits at a glance:

  • Saving on cost of energy
  • Appreciation and retention of the value of your property
  • Utilising subsidies
  • Avoiding bad investments through independent advice and examination of profitability calculations
  • Increased comfort and pleasant working and living ambience
  • Protection of environment and climate

Invest today already therefore, since energy efficiency is a sustained investment in the future of your real estate!

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