Property security check according to ÖNORM B1300 / B1301

Best price for a health check for your property

As an owner of residential and non-residential buildings (office buildings, event venues, factories etc.) you are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of persons and their property. Both at the end of 2012 and in the middle of 2016 new ÖNORMEN (Austrian Standards) were published by the Austrian Standards Institute, which concretise and extend exactly these duties of the owner.

Such a standard is not a law, but according to case law it represents the state-of-the-art according to which you as the owner have to examine your real estate. These duties and their implementation may be delegated to competent and expert persons.

In the course of a property security check according to ÖNORM B1300 / B1301 possible safety hazards are recorded and documented. The regular (annual) routine inspection allows early detection of damage or defects and serves the proper maintenance of the building in the long term.
The results of the regular property inspection are documented in an inspection record and must be updated annually.

Your property security check – your benefit:

  • Processing by recognised, certified property security auditors
  • Quote within 24 hours
  • Necessary information obtained directly from the customers
  • All travel times included in the offer price
  • Detailed property inspection on site
  • Creation of a checklist incl. photo documentation
  • Creation of an independent list of defects with allocation of priorities
  • Specially developed softare

The experts of the Rustler Baumanagement GmbH have the specialised knowledge due to many years of experience in the field of property renovation and property management. Through continuous further training in the field of property security, our employees have their finger on the pulse of time, which enables us to provide comprehensive customer care.

With the help of the corresponding tools, Rustler Baumanagement GmbH is able to realise the property security check according to ÖNORM B1300 / B1301 for you at a reasonable price and in a short space of time.

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