Mandatory inspection of technical building facilities in Austria

The document is intended as a thread to guide you through the maze of laws and standards. Mandatory inspections at prescribed intervals are regulated through various statutory sources. Apart from regulations governing construction, commercial and labour issues, we also have pressure vessel regulations and their associated directives, the electrical systems regulations and water rights to comply with. Fire protection directives and many standards representing state of the art technology in addition impose many duties on the owner of real estate which, should they be ignored, may have legal consequences of a civil and criminal nature.

The specific inspection duties and frequencies for electrical, sanitary, gas, safety, heating and air conditioning plant, to name but a few, have been clearly laid out. “We don’t intend to wait until someone makes the effort to compile a clear summary of all the relevant directives”, states Michael Moshammer, Managing Director, on the occasion of presenting the book, “this is why we have now done it ourselves, also to serve as a guideline for our own work”. The book will be a valuable reference also within the framework of the training for Facility Manager. The book will be available at MANZ as from next Tuesday.

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“Prüfpflichten haustechnischer Anlagen in Österreich“ [“Mandatory inspection of technical building facilities in Austria”]

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