Facility Management

Our experienced technical property managers will assume responsibility for on site management of technical facilities and the infrastructure. Our facility management responsibilities will include:

    • Assumption of operational responsibility pursuant to trade regulations in the context of operating control
    • Remote supervision of technical building services
    • Defining and recording mandatory examinations and the specification of remedial measures based on legal requirements
    • Compilation of all findings of legally prescribed measures (mandatory inspection of electrical and gas supplies, lightning protection, own inspections pursuant to § 82 B GewO [trade regulations])
    • Optimisation of media consumption, repair frequencies, fault and emergency call-outs, etc. – based on statistical records
    • Energy management and carrying out and reporting on energy optimisation as the basis for energy optimisation
    • Periodic maintenance and inspections of the entire asset
    • Organization of remediation measures after identified or reported defects or damages
    • Serving as the link and first point of call for tenants and apartment owners
    • Appointing the fire protection officer (own inspections pursuant to TRVB O 120 and trained in acc. with TRVB O 117)
  • Taking over infrastructural management and the organisation of all facility services, such as:
      • Daily or periodic cleaning of offices and general areas
      • Special cleaning
      • Garage cleaning
      • Cleaning of facades and glass roofs
      • Winter services
      • Gardening services

Contact person:

Photo of Ing. Michael Moshammer
Ing. Michael Moshammer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 740 Download VCF
Photo of Prok. Roman Kleedorfer
Prok. Roman Kleedorfer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 716 Download VCF