Repairs of damage caused by water and fire

We are specialists in handling and repairing damages following water and fire events as required by the apartment owner, building management and tenants, with particular emphasis on technical building equipment and facilities.

Our quality standards and services:

    • Water damage restoration based on the comprehensive know-how of the facility management
    • First, or emergency services by own staff as electrician and plumber
    • We consider ourselves the active link between the apartment owner, building management, insurers and the tenants
    • We will be your interface to the insurers and will handle reporting of the damages and direct settling of accounts with the insurers, including necessary negotiation.
    • We will compile budgetary estimates
    • We will be the interface to experts or assessors
    • Inspection of damages
    • We will ensure communication with tenants
    • Using our document management system, we will guarantee 100% documentation of all water damage restoration activities, such as reports, phone calls, photographs, cost estimates, expert opinions, etc. – all fully transparent and traceable to our customers whenever required.

This will be at no additional cost to building management or the owner. Cost recovery will be arranged with the responsible insurance agent in advance (except in emergencies such as massive pressure pipe bursts).

Contact person:

Photo of Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 781 Download VCF
Photo of Franz Kerschenbauer
Franz Kerschenbauer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 718 Download VCF