Building renovation

The primary objectives of the partial or general renovation of properties are higher returns and sustainable value enhancement. For you as the builder-owner, renovations are associated with enormous effort, especially if such measures are accompanied by subsidies or rent increase procedures.

Rustler’s experts in building renovation support you and act as consultants, planners, project managers and general contractors, ensuring higher rental income, increased returns, sustained value appreciation and a reduction in vacancies. The main areas of responsibility of property management in this context are:

    • Examination of opportunities for obtaining subsidies
    • Handling of subsidizing procedures
    • Handling of rent increase procedures under tenancy law
    • Construction planning, execution and project management
    • Survey of the development potential of properties
    • Preparation of cost estimates
    • Creation of service catalogs
    • Warranty tracking
    • Forecast calculations for cash flow, returns and taxes
    • Examination of the possibility of rent increases
    • Examination of existing leases
    • Negotiations with tenants and many more

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