Your property management experts for lease management

Besides the management of whole properties the property management Rustler offers also the management of condominium packages as well as individual flats.

According to the motto “land register instead of savings book” many people invest in real estate or apartments. The success of such an investment also depends on proper and professional support. As property managers, we have taken up this trend and established our own property management team to look after rented residential property.

We offer the following services for apartment owners:

    • Preparation of main rental agreements
    • Keeping records of temporary leases
    • Handover and return of the rental property
    • Determination of the proper condition of the rented property on its return
    • Contact persons for tenants in matters of rental settlement, index calculation, rental agreement, rent collection, monitoring payment dates
    • Dunning for all claims of the condominium owner up to the necessary initiation of legal steps including preparation of the documents for the filing of the claim
    • Preparation of tenant balance lists
    • Preparation of a condominium owner statement
    • On-going reporting on pending tenant proceedings relevant to commercial administration (e.g. bankruptcies, rental and evacuation suits)

On request, we can also take care of the search for tenants and construction measures, including the complete renovation of condominium properties.

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