Your property management experts for apartment buildings.

Every property has its own individual character and in every property there is potential that is not always fully exploited. Maximising value creation is a top priority for the owner. Income and cost optimisation, tenant satisfaction and profitability as well as value stability or value development are the complex success factors that distinguish Rustler Property Management.

Our property management experts in the apartment buildings sector act as asset trustees beyond the traditional tasks of the property manager. Through active, market-sensitive property management and portfolio development, they generate growing income for you as the owner and ensure continuous value enhancement or retention. You can count on the following services of the Rustler property management:

Among the tasks of the property management Rustler are:

    • Fast reaction and efficient support of the owner
    • Transparent accounting
    • Advice and support with legal and tax matters
    • Leasing and tenant support
    • Profit-safe structuring of rental agreements
    • Payment specifications and collection of rents
    • Identification and realisation of untapped revenue opportunities
    • Cost optimisation and management
    • Management of insurances and claims
    • Sustainable value enhancement or value preservation
    • Organisation of facility services and services by craftsmen
    • RES – RUSTLER Excellence Service
    • RPS Emergency Service
    • Regular property inspections and controls
    • Return and value optimising property development
    • Servicing and maintenance of the property
    • Reliable management of house rules, safety and much more

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