Your property management experts for condominium

Your primary goals as a condominium owner are on the one hand cost-saving operation and on the other the sustainable maintenance and increase in value of your property. Thus, as the owner, you place high demands on us as your property manager.

Our property management employees are experts in condominium ownership and are responsible for cost management as well as cost optimisation and take the necessary measures to maintain and increase the sustainable value of your property.

The property management Rustler guarantees – at the latest from the second year on – a reduction of the operating costs by 3 percent (inflation-adjusted on the basis of the services and costs of the year before the property management Rustler took over the management).

Among the tasks of the property management Rustler are:

    • Cost optimisation and management
    • Organising regular meetings of owners
    • Organisation of facility services and services by craftsmen
    • Quick and competent advice in all matters concerning rights to residence
    • RSM – RUSTLER Smart Manager (online portal)
    • RPS – RUSTLER Permanent Service (24h emergency service)
    • Fast and effective management of requests and complaints
    • Reliable maintenance of technical building facilities
    • Value enhancement and value preservation
    • Reliable management of the house rules, safety and much more

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