Rustler Benefits

We are well aware that our staff are our most important asset. This is why it is so important to us that our staff are happy to have joined and to work with us. Money is not the only criterion here. We want our staff to walk with us on the path of their career for as long as possible and to enjoy the trip – we intend to meet this challenge!

30 hours for a full salary at Rustler Property Management
With our 30-hour working time model at full salary, we create more free time for you, support your work-life balance and promote your satisfaction..
Home Office
We offer our employees, depending on their position and area of ​​responsibility, the opportunity to work from home on a daily basis. With this working model of the future, we want to enable our employees to reconcile leisure time and work better.
Flextime without core time
We want to give our employees the opportunity to do their work the way that suits them best. Therefore, we have flextime without core time. Our employees do their work – responsibly – in the period from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Training – Rustler Academy
Of course, we cannot satisfy the demands of our customers unless we arm ourselves with the relevant know-how. To reach this goal, we provide comprehensive introductory programmes, weekly in-house training and technical literature at special conditions.
Executive development
Our executives have one very important mission: to lead, guide and develop their employees. In order to prepare our junior executives for their future leadership mission in an optimal way Rustler Group offers an internal junior executive trainee program. This program gives all these prospective junior executives the opportunity to expand and train their leadership skills. The junior executives are introduced step by step and successively to their leadership tasks, they learn the most important things about leading and guiding people in different situations, furthermore they are trained with tools and procedures which can be used in such situations. In addition to that they benefit from the constant exchange of experience with other junior executives.
We want to accommodate you as much as possible so that you can organize your working life as well as possible! You have the possibility to “work in” one day per week.
Vitaminkick for our team
Fresh fruit with the healthy portion of vitamin C can be found in every departmental kitchen. We can even survive the cold season with the necessary vitamin C by lemons, apples or bananas and seasonal fruit.
Coffee, tea & more
A cup of coffee or tea is a good start to the day for many people. We provide these and various soft drinks for our employees free of charge. Depending on your mood, you can choose between different drinks.
Company WiFi
No matter whether you are in one of our meeting rooms, in the lounge or on the rooftop terrace – our employees have complimentary access to the company WiFi, both for professional and for private use. Accessibility to a fast and free Internet connection is just as important as a house key or a wallet.
Performance reward
The achievements of our staff must naturally be rewarded.
Incentive payments are offered for successful assistance in the negotiation of management orders, acquisition of new staff, proposals for improvement, etc.
Our Rustler Lounge and terrace will be available to our staff for relaxation during their lunch break. They may enjoy this over lunch time, for social interaction or just for some fresh air.
Time out
In order to realize your personal goals, we offer you the option to take a creative time out or a personal development break in the form of a sabbatical. These breaks will be arranged individually.
Communication is the absolutely indispensible element in our daily working life. Comprehensive staff and inter-departmental discussions and annual information evenings on corporate goals are scheduled to avert misunderstandings and similar problems.
Staff information
Ensuring that all staff have the knowledge the need to perform their tasks successfully is one of our primary objectives. All new staff will be handed folders with information and our Intranet likewise serves as a source of reference. Our staff newsletter will also offer staff news about our companies.
Medical provision
The health of our staff is also paramount, of course. To address this, we offer annual medical checkups, eye tests, various inoculations and other medical assistance.
We intend not only to work together, but also to celebrate as the occasions arise.Team building outings, participation in sports events, summer and Christmas offer opportunities for esprit de corps and discourse.
Furnishing advice
Do our employees need support with furnishing the home or would you like to receive tips and tricks on all aspects of furnishing? We offer our employees the opportunity to obtain advice on furnishing from a specialist if they are interested and at reduced rates.