The story of Rustler
Family owned business – at that time like today


Frieda Rustler started the business with the property management at Mariahilfer Straße 196 and managed 50 properties. Already in the 18th century the ancestors of the Rustler family were working and managing the restaurant “Zum goldenen Mondschein” in the same place where the Rustler Group is located also today.


The building at Mariahilfer Straße 196 was destroyed by a bombing. The reconstrucation took place until 1956


After graduating Peter Rustler, son of Frieda Rustler, joins the family business


Peter Rustler becomes managing director of ÖVI, the Austrian Real estate Association, and leads it for the next 10 years

Mariahilfer Straße in the 18th century

War damage: The bombed corporate building


Founding of brokerage company


Transformation into a family limited partnership, consisting of the partners: company founder Frieda Rustler, the sons Helfried and Peter Rustler as well as the granddaughter Julia Wegerer-Rustler


The construction management company is founded


Foundation of the facility management company and the property management company has a reason to celebrate, because it has cracked the 1,000,000m² mark!


The property management becomes ISO certified to the ISO 9001:2008 for the first time

Restaurant “Zum goldenen Mondschein”


In this year the real estate valuation department started


The international expanse of Rustler started: After the first company in Czech Republic, further companies in Germany, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary followed


The Rustler net service is used for the first time. This allows our clients to view directly online their bank statements, lease agreements, invoices and much more


A holding structure was established


Rustler now employs 500 people in Austria and CEE

The young couple Frieda und Günther Rustler

Frieda Rustler and her husband Günther Rustler


Rustler Group sets its first step for expansion in Austria and opened a branch in Linz. From 2011 further branches followed in Mödling, Graz, Klagenfurt und Innsbruck. In addition Rustler Group received two awards this year: The Cäsar real estate award to Peter Rustler (for his life´s work) and to Robert Wegerer (as propery manager of the year)


Foundation of the real estate development company, today´s Rustler Immobilienentwicklungs GmbH.
In addition the brokerage company celebrated their 10.000th negotiated lease respective purchase agreement


In this year the Rustler academy was founded in order to offer our employees various professional and personal training opportunities.
Also in this year Rustler Group celebrated together with its clients and employees “80 years of Rustler” in the Orangerie at Schloss Schönbrunn


Rustler Group has once again been honored by Leitbetriebe Austria as a model company and is one of the re-certified companies in Austria


This year has been the best-selling year for our brokerage company since it was founded


Winner of the Real Estate Brand Award: Our facility management company and our property management company once again won the Real Estate Brand Award in the categories “Facility Management Austria” and “Property Management Austria”. Furthermore, this year our property developer company is planning a great new building project in Mauerbach – the largest construction project since our foundation with a usable area of approx. 9,000 m²


The Rustler Group is now certified as a “Great Place to Work”! An award that we are very proud of because the evaluation was carried out by our employees and they obviously feel comfortable and enjoy working for us!


We were once again recognized as a “Great Place to Work”! And our property management company was named “Strongest Brand of the Decade” by the EUREB Institute.


Since January 1, 2024, we have made significant progress towards the “new way of work” with our innovative working time model. At Rustler, all property management employees now work 30 hours a week on a full salary.


Today we are working together with more than 700 employees in Austria an CEE and the company consists of six partner: Robert Wegerer, Julia Wegerer-Rustler, Markus Brandstätter, Peter Rustler, Michael Moshammer, Martin Troger

Today’s partners of the Rustler Group