Impressions of our colleagues

How the daily life at Rustler is going on can best be told by those who experience it every day. Find out from our colleagues how we live and work at Rustler.

Semin Dzinic – Project Manager

I have been working as a civil engineer in the renovation of old buildings for almost 5 years and have been employed as a project manager at Rustler Baumanagement GmbH since 2020.
My start here was a very nice and formative time for me. What particularly struck me was that RUSTLER attaches great importance to interpersonal relationships. In the areas in which I have points of contact, there is usually friendly, relaxed and appreciative togetherness. This also explains the long length of service that many employees have with the company.
It is a nice feeling to work together as a team with a lot of passion towards common goals.
I can give newcomers the following tips:

  • Errors are quite normal, especially at the beginning, and are part of the learning process. So don’t be discouraged, because with every challenge you grow personally and professionally
  • Always be open to new things, do not shy away from challenges “
Jasna Georgievska – Architect

“For several years now I support the team of RUSTLER construction management in the planning department as an architect. I have already been commissioned with a wide range of tasks ranging from apartment renovation to large-scale projects in the phases of government and implementation planning. As an employee, you can greatly benefit from working with your local construction supervisor colleagues and their experience, and developing your professional skills with each new project. In common interest with the employer, we work in cooperation with the real estate development and property management, which are located in the same building and which are always close by as clients. The very colorful RUSTLER house, made up of people of various backgrounds and in different periods of life, not only produces better results based on different ways of working and thinking, but also leads to the expansion of individual social skills. The otherwise intensive planning tasks are much easier and happier to carry out with the team spirit.”

Teresa Haller – Junior Real Estate Manager

“My journey at Rustler began in the summer of 2019, during my summer internship. This was followed by my mandatory internship as part of my bachelor’s degree. I can now consider myself as a full member of this company. Regardless of the phase of this journey, I was always shown a lot of respect and appreciation. My varied daily work, my great colleagues and the development opportunities in the company give me a great incentive to continue this journey. Even during difficult times, such as the current COVID-19 situation, we employees were always given a good feeling and the strong cohesion of this company was proven anew every day. I am happy and proud to be part of Rustler and look forward to everything that is still to come.”

sophie kastner – Architect

“I have been working at Rustler Real Estate Development since April 2022. The small-scale structure of our team is a great added value for me, as I can be involved in all planning phases of a project and can expand my knowledge every day, also beyond the planning stage. The versatility in planning and the proximity to the construction site as well as the associated collaboration and with my colleagues is particularly enriching.

Even beyond the office premises, all Rustler companies maintain a very personal personal interaction with one another and a constant willingness to help is lived. It’s great when you can work in a team that appreciates each other and working together to find solutions. I feel very comfortable here!”

Julia Bayer – Real Estate Manager

“I’ve been at Rustler for over 4 years now and I’m really happy with my work and my colleagues. Rustler gave me the opportunity to further develop myself and to grow in new challenges. Two years ago, I completed the Junior Real Estate Manager course in the Rustler Academy. I acquired a lot of new knowledge and since this year I am even a Real Estate Manager at Rustler. I am incredibly happy to be a part of Rustler, I am pleased with the promotion and with the confidence placed in me by my superiors.”

Timo Kohlweiss – Real Estate Consultant

“I was lucky enough to be able to complete an extensive apprenticeship training as a real estate agent in the Rustler Group from 2011-2014 and have been working as a broker for Rustler since the final apprenticeship exam

I was warmly welcomed and encouraged from day one. Through the opportunity to learn in such a renowned and diverse company as is the Rustler Group, I was able to gain knowledge and experience in many areas of the real estate industry, which I can now apply every day as a real estate consultant in the residential and commercial sector.

Due to regular internal events and further training you stay in constant contact with colleagues from other areas of the Rustler Group and it gives you the opportunity to get to know each other better.”

Thomas Müller – Project Manager

“In April 2013 I started at the facility management of the company as a drying technician. We built a sizeable drying department, and are now able to perform almost any drying. In mid-2017, I succeeded in advancing to the project manager. Since then, I am working as a project manager and drying technician at the facility management company and, together with my colleague, lead the restructuring team of the fire and water damage department. The cooperation in the company and in the sister company is very straightforward and it is responded to all unforeseen work very quickly. Although my job requires a great deal of sensitivity in dealing with people who are affected by water damage, it is a great pleasure for me to meet new people every day. The highlight for me is to have new challenges every day and to see how a water damage has once again turned into a sizable room / living unit and gives it a new shine. Impressive is the coverage of all trades by all companies of the RUSTLER Group. Any deficiency or renewal in the house can already be remedied, maintained or carried out by the facility managements own employees to the utmost satisfaction.”

Claudiu Cretu – Facility Manager at Rustler Property Services RO

“During the 7 years I worked in Rustler, I as civil engineer, I become more experienced in the electrical, sanitary and low voltage installations, in order to take responsibility for both one’s actions and its effects. Choosing the right decision for my daily operations is not an easy task, but it’s something that as a facility manager I have to do as soon as possible before the lack of one swift decision, might start affecting our customers business.

I learned that everyone in the company must be acquainted with tasks in many different fields in order to solve the necessary process and I have always been motivated by both challenge of finishing projects on time and achieving goals.

I believe that being proactive and dedicated in the Facility Management profession, makes me stay aware of ever-evolving technology. I pride myself to stay connected and be productive for my own personal satisfaction as well, as for our customers. It allows me to leverage my facility management skills on a broader basis and face more and more challenges.”

Marius ISPAS – Head of Facility Management Department at Rustler Property Services RO

“The most important lesson I learned due to 8 years in Rustler was about strategy and I believe that success comes after the analysis of opportunities and always focusing on ‘quality over quantity’.

At the highest level, I always followed the company’s mission and I have been working on both operational and leadership levels, as I identified myself with the core company’s guidelines. Related to this, I have the belief that being proactive in daily operations and constantly adopting a new mindset will bring job satisfaction and performance.

The biggest challenge consists in developing and providing excellence in the facility management field, to coordinate my team, and finally, to bring their improvements to the overall quality of our portfolio, all having in mind the new technologies and their advantage in reducing operational costs.

By dealing with our customers’ needs, I learned that you have to develop awareness, trustworthiness and provide support inside your team, before you start trying to be an exceptional facility management services provider.”