10 years of Rustler Upper Austria – a success stoy

News | 13.03.2023

10 years ago, Rustler started its expansion on the domestic real estate market with a branch office in Linz as the first location outside the federal capital. Over the years, the Rustler Upper Austria team has developed into a universal real estate service provider on the Upper Austrian market.

Apart from the concentration on urban agglomerations in Upper Austria and the lake region before four years also the entrance into the Salzburger real estate market took place, which is cared for now already for over one year with a separate address locally.

Thomas Kastner

Up-to-date the team employs around location leader Thomas Kastner already approximately 20 coworkers, whereby the activities are to be further developed in the coming years, not least due to the positive order situation, as the enterprise reports. The services in Upper Austria include property management, facility management and real estate brokerage.

„Above all, we want to focus on quality in the provision of our services. The consistent demand for quality at all locations is increasingly important because many of our customers own properties in several provinces, or customers who previously had properties primarily in regional ownership are also considering real estate markets in other provinces for their portfolios,” reports Thomas Kastner.