30-hour week with full salary – New Way of Work – Rustler creates added value for everyone

News | 06.11.2023

On January 1, 2024, Hausverwaltung Rustler will take a groundbreaking step and reduce the working hours for all employees to 30 hours per week with full pay.

The new working time model is not an ad-hoc measure by the company, but has been planned for some time and meticulously prepared accordingly. “All processes have been optimized, structures scrutinized and workflows streamlined for a year. The digitalization and automation of standard processes and procedures also played a major role. An entire property management department has been working according to the new 30-hour working week model since the start of 2023,” reports Martin Troger, Managing Director of Hausverwaltung Rustler.

“This did not have any negative impact on our customers, who benefited from the additional motivation of our employees.” adds Co-Managing Director Roman Urban. The test operation also showed that continuity and stability in the team as well as employee satisfaction have increased significantly.

“A key reason for deciding to take this pioneering new step was that our employees were actively involved in all preparatory activities and were able to play a key role in shaping them,” says Martin Troger, summarizing the preparatory process and is convinced that the new working time model will bring added value for everyone.

With around 175 employees, Hausverwaltung Rustler is one of the leading real estate service providers in Austria, where it has been active for almost 90 years, and was recently recertified as a “Great Place to Work”.