All about gas boilers – Facility management company IFM as expert

News | 23.10.2023

A well-maintained boiler increases operational reliability and reduces the risk of breakdown during the heating season.

With more than 150 employees, IFM is one of the leading service providers in facility management in Austria and, with a specialized team of installers, looks after all issues relating to therm maintenance for apartment users.

“In addition to the usual cleaning and adjustment work, all safety equipment is also checked and replaced in the event of a defect. This reduces the risk of gas or exhaust gas leaks to a minimum and our customers can operate their therme with peace of mind,” explains IFM Managing Director Guido Pfeifer. In addition a professionally cared for gas boiler reduces harmful environmental effects, since with the maintenance the burn is optimally adjusted.

In addition to maintenance work, legally required flue gas measurements must also be carried out. For most gas boilers in Vienna, this flue gas measurement is required every three years. “When concluding a maintenance contract, our customers are reminded annually of the due date and can thus also not forget about the obligation of the exhaust gas measurement over the years,” adds Pfeifer.