New Rustler property development project in Mauerbach – MaVie

News | 26.11.2021

The developer Rustler starts marketing the latest and so far largest residential project, for the first time outside Vienna in the emerging Speckgürtel. Mauerbach near Vienna offers an ideal environment for families and sports enthusiasts due to its proximity to the federal capital and the nearby “Wienerwald”.

A total of 48 exceptional houses with spacious floor plans and around 150 square meters of living space are being built on the approximately 17,000 square meter site. “When designing the open spaces and built-up areas, care was taken to preserve as much greenery as possible,” explains Rustler shareholder Markus Brandstätter, who is explicitly focusing on sustainability issues and feel-good factors in this project.


Rustler’s brokerage firm is responsible for selling the houses, and was involved in the design at an early stage, which includes spacious private gardens, a swimming pond, and a fitness and workout area.

“Unlike in often very expensive locations of the southern Speckgürtel we are convinced to offer with this project for families an interesting perspective for affordable, but nevertheless generous dwelling”, reports the managing director of our brokerage firm Arno Kunz. This shows also already the active interest with Vormerkkunden.