New real data on the Vienna apartment building market

News | 27.06.2022

Our current real data analysis shows that there was a significant increase in sales prices for apartment buildings in Vienna in 2021. At around 20 percent, this increase was significantly higher than the results of previous years. The transaction figures, which recorded an increase of around 30 percent, also confirm the “hype” of the previous year.

“Rising prices, falling net rents and declining yields – the apartment building market has its own laws and yet remains very much in demand,” says our Managing Director Alexander Scheuch.

Accordingly, yields have also fallen significantly because the corresponding net rents recorded a slight decline in 2021 for the first time in several years, as Rustler’s analysis also shows. “The average yields were around 1.54 percent in the inner districts and around 2.07 percent in the outer districts,” reports Maximilian Kainz, who is responsible for the data analyses.