Rustler Purchase Check

News | 31.05.2023

For many people the purchase of a property is the biggest investment of their life. Reason enough to play it safe and get an independent expert opinion, especially when buying a used property. For this purpose, we now offer a new service, the Rustler Purchase Check.

“We inspect the desired property, document any defects, check all documents and also provide feedback to prospective buyers as to whether the purchase price is justified,” explains Maximilian Kainz from the Rustler valuation team.

“When customers want to buy a used car, they turn to experts and do a purchase test to hedge their bets or avoid making a bad purchase. With the purchase of used condominiums, which cost usually the multiple of a used car, many humans do not do this however, but rely often only on half knowledge , explain managing director Alexander Scheuch the sense of the new service.

We are convinced of the fact that the Rustler purchase check for private customers is an investment, which plays a small role in relation to the purchase price, brings the customers however a high measure of security with the real estate purchase. We can draw on decades of experience and thus support real estate seekers in constructional, economic and legal issues.