Rustler pushes investment area

News | 16.10.2023

The brokerage firm of Rustler has recently further strengthened its investment team, quite contrary to the industry trend. Thus Ella Mueller Hartburg, graduate of the FH Wiener Neustadt and coworker of many years with Rustler, as well as Markus Reicheneder, which looks back on a 15-year switching activity with a well-known Viennese brokerage firm, are active immediately as Investment brokers.

“We work with many of our clients and customers on a regular basis and strive to provide comprehensive and in-depth support, which enables us to implement appropriate transactions even in the current challenging market environment,” reports Managing Director Arno Kunz.

Thus it succeeded to the broker entrepreneur of Rustler for example recently a rent house in central situation of Vienna Floridsdorf to a domestic public-legal investor to as well as a rent house in the center Villachs to a private investor to mediate.

“Cross-state cooperation at Rustler is becoming increasingly important in the investment sector, as many of our clients own properties in several federal states, and the search profiles of investors are also constantly expanding,” adds co-managing director Alexander Scheuch.