We have the latest data about the rental market in Graz

News | 31.03.2022

Graz and its environs continue to experience strong population growth. The number of primary residences in the Styrian capital increased by well over 1,000 households compared with the previous year. However, the new construction boom, which has continued unabated for years, also ensures a correspondingly large supply of rental apartments on the market.

Our current real data analysis included over 1,000 new rentals of apartments in equipment category A from 2015 to 2021. The average rent across all apartment sizes and districts in Graz is currently around €8.70 per square meter of usable living space, around €1.20 below Vienna. Despite the high supply of available apartments, rents have again risen slightly, specifically by around 2 percent, contrary to last year’s trend. This is due on the one hand to the clearly noticeable inflation, and on the other hand to the discernible increase in demand for smaller apartments. As face-to-face teaching is once again on the rise at universities, students in particular are once again on the search for smaller apartments, as our Graz brokerage team confirms.

“We see inflation as well as the increased demand for smaller apartments as the main reason for the moderate increase in net rents,” summarizes Maximilian Kainz from our Rustler Research team, who is responsible for the current real data analysis.