Beauty & Challenge – Rustler analyzes the Salzburg market

News | 09.11.2022

Salzburg is considered one of the most beautiful and expensive provincial capitals in Austria. A shortage of land and of appropriate projects makes housing a challenge.

Mag. Barbara Schöppl-Zeiler

“Affordable housing is a difficult issue,” says Barbara Schöppl-Zeiler, our Salzburg site manager, where we launched property management and brokerage services earlier this year. According to Schöppl-Zeiler, more and more people are being forced to move to surrounding communities, especially in the affordable sector.

In this context, the Salzburg team has analyzed the fact that municipalities are also increasingly purchasing land themselves in order to create appropriate opportunities for the realization of affordable housing. “Such initiatives are only one aspect, however, because the demand for housing far exceeds the supply. Without redensification of existing properties, the challenge will not be met,” Schöppl-Zeiler is convinced.

In any case, the state of Salzburg wants to soften the market pressure, which manifests itself in high prices. In addition to the rezoning of building land and redensification, another lever is stricter regulations in connection with secondary residences, of which there are a very large number in the province of Salzburg. Above all, the fight against illegal second homes is being declared. Starting next year, when a house, apartment or undeveloped plot of land is purchased, it must be proven that a primary residence will be established there.