Topping-out ceremony at Rustler’s Vincent&Calvi projects in Vienna Liesing

News | 11.03.2024

The topping-out ceremony at the two Vincent&Calvi residential projects in Vienna’s 23rd district was celebrated with the traditional topping-out speech by an apprentice involved in the construction.

At Erlaaerstraße 78 and Perfektastraße 14-16, property developer Rustler is developing a total of 50 privately financed condominiums as well as additional terraced apartments with private gardens ( “In view of our already successfully implemented projects in Liesing and the high quality of life in this up-and-coming but still comparatively sparsely populated district, it was a logical step to create additional living space,” reports Rustler partner Markus Brandstätter.

The apartments are being sold by Rustler’s estate agency, which was already involved in the previous marketing activities in the district. “Thanks to a good mix of single and family apartments and the combination of an ideal location in terms of infrastructure and sustainable construction methods, we are convinced that these two projects will be a success,” says Rustler estate agent Berend Jäger.

“The topping-out ceremony marks an important step in the realization of the project. We are currently right on schedule and the apartments are being completed as planned,” says Rustler project manager Arthur Nissler. The Rustler team expressed special thanks to the contractors, who are working on the projects with diligence and exemplary adherence to deadlines.

Erlaaer Straße 78

Perfektastrasse 14 – 16