Trend reversal on the Vienna apartment house market – Current Rustler analysis

News | 31.10.2023

The current real data analysis by Rustler shows that in a projection for 2023 based on the data material available to date, the number of apartment house transactions has declined or will decline markedly compared to 2022.

“According to the current projection, there will probably be around 60 percent fewer sales in 2023 if there is no recent trend reversal towards the end of the year. In addition, the projection shows for the first time also clear effects on the achieved price per square meter,” reports Alexander Scheuch, Managing Director of Rustler Immobilien.

Thus the evaluations result in approximately 15 per cent sunk square meter prices and confirm therefore a clear turning away from the development of the last years with constant increases with the obtained selling prices. The yields increase thereby in the same observation period by approximately 60 per cent.

“The changes in the capital market, in particular the repeated interest rate increases of the European Central Bank and possible alternatives to the asset class interest house are now clearly noticeable.” Maximilian Kainz, who is responsible for data analysis at Rustler, summarizes.