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RUSTLER Smart Manager
die digitale »Miteinander-Hausverwaltung«

Wo alle einfach alles sehen!


RUSTLER Smart Manager ist die führende Online-Plattform mit trans­parenter Kosten-, Dokumenten- und Aktivitäten­einsicht. Für eine gute Partner­schaft zwischen Kunden und Haus­verwaltung.

Haben Sie mit Ihrer Hausverwaltung Ihr Eigentum immer im Blick? Kontaktieren Sie uns!

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Dem Hausverwalter
über die Schulter schauen

Jede Kommunikation und Leistung einsehbar

Wohnungseigentümer und Hauseigentümer haben mit dem RUSTLER Smart Manager ein Tool zur Verfügung, das Ihnen umfassende Transparenz über alle Aktivitäten der Hausverwaltung bietet. Damit Sie sicher sein können, dass die finanziellen Mittel optimal eingesetzt werden. 

Alle Betriebskosten und
Aktivitäten im Blick

Schnell und einfach zugänglich

RUSTLER Smart Manager stellt Eigentümern vollständig und transparent alle Dokumente, Rechnungen und detaillierte Finanzübersichten – bis hin zu einzelnen Aktivitäten des Hausverwalters – leicht zugänglich zur Verfügung. Damit Sie tagesaktuell über Ihr Eigentum informiert sind.

»Rustler ist ein Traditionsbetrieb, der es schafft, Digitalisierung, Transparenz und Schnelligkeit für jeden Kunden zu leben. Dadurch stehen dem Kunden jederzeit alle Information zur Verfügung.«
Reinhard Gojer, MBA
Vorstandsdirektor, Donau
»Der Smart Manager von Rustler gibt einen guten Überblick über unsere Liegenschaften. Man ist immer up to date.«
Mag. Kurt Frühwirth

Jederzeit und von überall einsehbar

Mit persönlichem Ansprechpartner

Mit RUSTLER Smart Manager können Sie alle Informationen zu Ihrem Eigentum und alle Aktivitäten des Hausverwalters orts- und zeitunabhängig über die digitale Plattform einsehen. Zusätzlich haben Sie einen persönlichen Ansprechpartner in allen Angelegenheiten rund um Ihr Eigentum.

Alle Unterlagen immer dabei

Papierlose Dokumentation und Archiv

RUSTLER Smart Manager ermöglicht eine papierlose Dokumentation über Ihr Eigentum und Zugriff auf ein Archiv und Statistiken zu Kosten, Verträgen und Aktivitäten aus der Vergangenheit. Jede Maßnahme und jede Aktivität sind für Sie jahrelang zurück verfolgbar.

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Mariahilfer Straße 196/Entrance Lehnergasse 3, 1150 Vienna
Telephone: +43 (1) 891 39-0

You may contact us Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 19:00!

Branch Graz:
Wielandgasse 2, 8010 Graz
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Museumstraße 32, 6020 Innsbruck
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Lastenstraße 38, 4020 Linz
Telephone: +43 (732) 908 180-0

Branch Salzburg:
Siezenheimer Straße 35, 5020 Salzburg
Telephone: +43 (662) 904 848-0

Authority acc. to ECG: Municipal district office of District XV
Commercial register number: 30159b at the Commercial Court Vienna
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Team & Locations

Photo of DI Martin Troger MBA
DI Martin Troger , MBA Managing PartnerFrieda Rustler Gebäudeverwaltung GmbH & Co KG Tel:: +43 1 891 39 Download VCF

Our mission statement

Our mission statement

Over the years, the career profile of property managers has changed from a “bureaucratic” administrator to that of a dynamic manager. The focus is increasingly on appreciation and growing returns. Handling of administrative tasks has simultaneously become more rationalized due to modern data processing and software developed for the industry.

Transparency, speed and the ability to reach your manager will in future increase the importance of these key factors to our customers. We have, in these fields in particular, taken numerous innovative steps enabling us to master the challenges facing today’s new generation of real estate service providers, with the objective of offering you our services based on state-of-the-art tools and finding the best possible solution to your needs.

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Your property management experts

Our property management services

The Rustler property management company has been managing properties since 1935, mainly in Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Carinthia, and has developed into the leading, independent and certified property management company in Austria.

We now have over 100 employees, who form teams of experts for the management of apartment buildings, condominiums and investor-, office- and commercial properties, among other things, and specialise in the particular requirements of our clients to their advantage. We offer our service as property management not only for entire properties, but also for the management of condominium packages up to individual apartments.

On the basis of decades of experience, modern quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and continuous optimisation of customer benefits, we have developed into an innovative, market-leading real estate management company.

Emergency No.: 01 99 00 900
24h Service



In order to make our property management services even better and faster, we offer a selection of helpful and informative downloads:

Download certificate of registration

Download direct debit authorisation

Download instructions for your apartment

Download leaflet for the provision of apartments

If the document you are looking for is not there, your Rustler property manager will be happy to assist you.

Property developer service

Rustler property developer service

In the planning and construction phase of residential construction projects, numerous organizational tasks arise that are not directly related to the actual construction activity.

Exactly here the experts of the property management Rustler and relieve as developers can support you. In this early project phase, we can advise you in particular on the following topics, which are also decisive for the distribution of the projects:

    • Design of the condominium contract
    • Creation of utility reports
    • Calculation of the expected operating costs

The Rustler property developer service was developed based on the specific needs of our customers and contributes to a smooth interaction of developers, homeowners and property management.

Contact person

Photo of DI Martin Troger MBA
DI Martin Troger , MBA Tel:: +43 1 891 39 Download VCF
Photo of Matthias Weninger
Matthias Weninger Tel:: +43 1 891 39 530 Download VCF

Building restoration

Building renovation

The primary objectives of the partial or general renovation of properties are higher returns and sustainable value enhancement. For you as the builder-owner, renovations are associated with enormous effort, especially if such measures are accompanied by subsidies or rent increase procedures.

Rustler’s experts in building renovation support you and act as consultants, planners, project managers and general contractors, ensuring higher rental income, increased returns, sustained value appreciation and a reduction in vacancies. The main areas of responsibility of property management in this context are:

    • Examination of opportunities for obtaining subsidies
    • Handling of subsidizing procedures
    • Handling of rent increase procedures under tenancy law
    • Construction planning, execution and project management
    • Survey of the development potential of properties
    • Preparation of cost estimates
    • Creation of service catalogs
    • Warranty tracking
    • Forecast calculations for cash flow, returns and taxes
    • Examination of the possibility of rent increases
    • Examination of existing leases
    • Negotiations with tenants and many more

Contact person

Photo of DI Martin Troger MBA
DI Martin Troger , MBA Tel:: +43 1 891 39 Download VCF
Photo of Prok. Walter Seierl
Prok. Walter Seierl Tel:: +43 1 891 39 110 Download VCF