Advice on real estate purchase

We support you with your real estate purchase!

Do you want to secure yourself when buying your desired property and obtain an independent third-party opinion?

As experts, we are in a position to advise you and support you with construction, economic and legal aspects related to the purchase.

Our decades of experience in the areas of property management, facility management, real estate development, construction management, brokerage and valuation cover the required requirements. In addition, our research department continuously analyses the Austrian real estate market.

Regardless of whether it is a condominium, a family house or a plot of land, we are the right partner for you and guarantee you an objective and fast consultation without any personal interests.

To this end, we offer the following services:

  • Inspection of the property and documentation of any defects
  • Verification of existing documents and indication of missing documents
  • Estimation of necessary refurbishment costs or costs of remedying construction defects
  • Inspection of the building act and subsequent assessment
  • Assessment of whether the purchase price corresponds to the market value

Depending on your desired scope of advice, you will receive an individual offer at short notice. We are convinced that this represents a reasonable and inexpensive investment in relation to the value of the verified property. Our purchase checks start from € 300. – incl. VAT.

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Dr. Alexander Scheuch Tel:: +43 1 894 97 49 692 Download VCF
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Mag. Maximilian Kainz Tel:: +43 1 894 97 49 660 Download VCF






Rustler Immobilientreuhand GmbH

Mariahilfer Straße 196, 1150 Vienna

Telephone: +43 (1) 894 97 49


You may contact us Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 17:30!

Branch Vienna Leopoldau:
Wagramer Straße 195 / Shop 49, 1210 Vienna
Telephone: +43 (1) 894 97 49

Branch Mödling:
Hauptstraße 81, 2340 Mödling
Telephone: +43 2236 908 100

Branch Graz:
Wielandgasse 2, 8010 Graz
Telephone: +43 (316) 908 900-0

Branch Innsbruck:
Museumstraße 32, 6020 Innsbruck
Telephone: +43 (512) 90 02-0

Branch Klagenfurt:
Domplatz 2, 9020 Klagenfurt
Telephone: +43 (463) 502 072-0

Branch Linz:
Lastenstraße 38, 4020 Linz
Telephone: +43 (732) 908 180-0

Branch Salzburg:
Fürstenallee 17, 5020 Salzburg
Telephone: +43 (662) 904 848-0

Authority acc. to ECG: District XV Municipal district office

Commercial register number: 89937k at the Commercial Court Vienna

VAT Reg. number: ATU 59064336

Job title: Estate agent

Trade association: Vienna trade group for professional real estate and asset trustees

Applicable commercial and professional regulations, trade regulations, directives and professional fees:

Team & Locations

Team & Locations


Photo of Mag. Arno Kunz
Mag. Arno Kunz Managing DirectorRustler Immobilientreuhand GmbH Tel:: +43 1 894 97 49 691 Download VCF
Photo of Dr. Alexander Scheuch
Dr. Alexander Scheuch Managing DirectorRustler Immobilientreuhand GmbH Tel:: +43 1 894 97 49 692 Download VCF


Our mission statement

Our mission statement

We consider ourselves a reputable traditional company serving the local real estate market and endeavouring to handle real estate transactions in a professional, reliable and proper manner. This also includes market-driven and realistic pricing. We will not raise unrealistic expectations with our customers simply to obtain an order.

We believe in a variety of properties and real estate types under out care and the utilisation of synergies in the Rustler Group, yet also with specialist agents in our teams. We attach particular importance to specialist know-how and top quality training of our staff, also to the integration of younger staff in our teams, dedicated to supporting and living out our philosophy.

Sale and renting of properties

We sell and rent your property in a competent and focussed manner!

Our team of real estate agents supervise all types of properties ranging from rental apartments and condominiums to apartment buildings and commercial properties.

Sales and renting

If you own apartments or apartment houses we will find tenants and rent out the property in a professional manner. If you would like to sell the property then we will efficiently find buyers and investors. We are supported by a continuously updated list of prospective buyers as well as an exact search profile of our investors.


Advertising strategies for the renting or sale of your property will be discussed with you and we can offer numerous marketing possibilities: starting with real estate platforms, innovative instruments in online marketing, as well as print media and through to local advertising on the property itself or in the immediate vicinity. Rustler is present at numerous trade exhibitions in Vienna, Graz and Linz and we issue our own customer magazine where your properties can be advertised.

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Photo of Dr. Alexander Scheuch
Dr. Alexander Scheuch Tel:: +43 1 894 97 49 692 Download VCF

Real estate valuation

We evaluate your property swiftly and competently!

In addition to our real estate brokerage, we have access to a professional team of experts in the field of real estate valuation who have many years of experience.

Areas of application and benefits of a property valuation

  • as a basis for real estate exploitation
  • in the event of a transfer of ownership
  • for the determination of tax assessment bases and tax deductions
  • when considering succession
  • in the case of a planned expansion of of an undeveloped attic
  • in the event of possible changes in use and structure
  • for the establishment of condominium ownership
  • for legal disputes
  • for the calculation of encumbrances, such as right of residence, annuity, etc.
  • as a basis or documentation for financing

Our real estate valuation team is specialised in all kinds of apartment buildings, condominiums, houses & mansions, land plots, undeveloped attics and commercial properties.

As well as comprehensive data material and experience in rental and purchasing agreements we also have profound market knowledge in the fields of management, planning, renovation and maintenance costs, thanks to a close cooperation with all companies within the Rustler Group.

Types of Valuation

Our range of real estate valuation encompasses

  • specific market appraisals
  • current values
  • utilisable value appraisals for the legitimation of condominiums
  • technical due diligence.

Rustler’s experienced valuation team supports you with these instruments both in the sale of your property and the purchase of your dream property.

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Photo of Ing. Johann Mayrhoffer
Ing. Johann Mayrhoffer Tel:: +43 1 894 97 49 150 Download VCF
Photo of Mag. Maximilian Kainz
Mag. Maximilian Kainz Tel:: +43 1 894 97 49 660 Download VCF