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Authority acc. to ECG: Municipal district office for District I, III and XV
Commercial register number: 181769h at the Commercial Court Vienna
VAT Reg. number: ATU 48119307


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Photo of Ing. Michael Moshammer
Ing. Michael Moshammer Managing Director, PartnerRustler Facility Management Tel:: +43 1 534 99 740 Download VCF
Photo of Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer Managing DirectorRustler Facility Management Tel:: +43 1 534 99 781 Download VCF

Our mission statement

Our mission statement

Depending on the type of building, the accumulated operating costs of a property may exceed the cost of building after about ten years already. Our Facility Management approach will include the entire life cycle of a property in the cost analysis and provide for consistent analysis, optimisation and control of all factors affecting revenue.

We will develop concepts for holistic and active property management for our customers and optimise the earning power and long-term retention of value over its entire useful life.

Increasing numbers of companies realise that highly effective, healthy and environmentally friendly workplaces and living areas, combined with professional Facility Management, will significantly contribute to productivity and ultimately to corporate success.
We joined this trend in its early stages and can now offer all the services required for strategic and operational Facility Management.

Mandatory inspection of technical building facilities in Austria

Mandatory inspection of technical building facilities in Austria

The document is intended as a thread to guide you through the maze of laws and standards. Mandatory inspections at prescribed intervals are regulated through various statutory sources. Apart from regulations governing construction, commercial and labour issues, we also have pressure vessel regulations and their associated directives, the electrical systems regulations and water rights to comply with. Fire protection directives and many standards representing state of the art technology in addition impose many duties on the owner of real estate which, should they be ignored, may have legal consequences of a civil and criminal nature.

The specific inspection duties and frequencies for electrical, sanitary, gas, safety, heating and air conditioning plant, to name but a few, have been clearly laid out. “We don’t intend to wait until someone makes the effort to compile a clear summary of all the relevant directives”, states Michael Moshammer, Managing Director, on the occasion of presenting the book, “this is why we have now done it ourselves, also to serve as a guideline for our own work”. The book will be a valuable reference also within the framework of the training for Facility Manager. The book will be available at MANZ as from next Tuesday.

Why not order our updated book right now

“Prüfpflichten haustechnischer Anlagen in Österreich“ [“Mandatory inspection of technical building facilities in Austria”]

I hereby order "Mandatory inspection of technical building facilities in Austria" at the price of
€ 24.90 / pc.

Emergency assistance & technical services

Emergency assistance & technical services

Our staff responsible for maintenance and repairs are highly qualified and specialised in fault clearance, having successfully completed training in the fields of electrical systems, gas, water and heating systems, also air conditioning, metrology and control systems, locksmith and carpentry.

We will provide the following services:

  • Emergency assistance with remediation of faults or with repairs to virtually all building services and Systems
      • Assistance round the clock (Fast, Enduring, Safe). We will be at your service 24/7 and throughout the year
      • Emergency on-call service with our own technicians and craftsmen
      • Gas-thermal emergency service
  • Domestic workers, technicians and other ancillary services for events, relocations, etc.
  • Maintenance and service on all technical building systems and equipment, independent of manufacturer and offering different modules, from crash maintenance via basic maintenance and up to full maintenance, depending on customer preference:
      • Crash maintenance will require compliance with statutory regulations at the least. Any abnormalities identified during maintenance (extended inspection service) will be subject to preventive maintenance with the consent of the customer to avoid malfunctions.
        The objective will be maximum cost optimisation!
      • Basic maintenance will include all the services prescribed by relevant standards and directives or by the manufacturer.
        The objective will be to maintain nominal conditions.
      • Full maintenance: This will correspond to insurance contracts at a fixed all-inclusive price.
        Full maintenance comprises the service, fault remediation and all repair work and materials.
        The objective will be as far as possible to maintain the value as new of all technical systems and equipment

Contact person:

Photo of Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 781 Download VCF
Photo of Christian Skrabal
Christian Skrabal Tel:: +43 1 534 99 725 Download VCF

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Repairs of damage caused by water and fire

Repairs of damage caused by water and fire

We are specialists in handling and repairing damages following water and fire events as required by the apartment owner, building management and tenants, with particular emphasis on technical building equipment and facilities.

Our quality standards and services:

    • Water damage restoration based on the comprehensive know-how of the facility management
    • First, or emergency services by own staff as electrician and plumber
    • We consider ourselves the active link between the apartment owner, building management, insurers and the tenants
    • We will be your interface to the insurers and will handle reporting of the damages and direct settling of accounts with the insurers, including necessary negotiation.
    • We will compile budgetary estimates
    • We will be the interface to experts or assessors
    • Inspection of damages
    • We will ensure communication with tenants
    • Using our document management system, we will guarantee 100% documentation of all water damage restoration activities, such as reports, phone calls, photographs, cost estimates, expert opinions, etc. – all fully transparent and traceable to our customers whenever required.

This will be at no additional cost to building management or the owner. Cost recovery will be arranged with the responsible insurance agent in advance (except in emergencies such as massive pressure pipe bursts).

Contact person:

Photo of Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Guido Pfeifer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 781 Download VCF
Photo of Franz Kerschenbauer
Franz Kerschenbauer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 718 Download VCF

Facility Management

Facility Management

Our experienced technical property managers will assume responsibility for on site management of technical facilities and the infrastructure. Our facility management responsibilities will include:

    • Assumption of operational responsibility pursuant to trade regulations in the context of operating control
    • Remote supervision of technical building services
    • Defining and recording mandatory examinations and the specification of remedial measures based on legal requirements
    • Compilation of all findings of legally prescribed measures (mandatory inspection of electrical and gas supplies, lightning protection, own inspections pursuant to § 82 B GewO [trade regulations])
    • Optimisation of media consumption, repair frequencies, fault and emergency call-outs, etc. – based on statistical records
    • Energy management and carrying out and reporting on energy optimisation as the basis for energy optimisation
    • Periodic maintenance and inspections of the entire asset
    • Organization of remediation measures after identified or reported defects or damages
    • Serving as the link and first point of call for tenants and apartment owners
    • Appointing the fire protection officer (own inspections pursuant to TRVB O 120 and trained in acc. with TRVB O 117)
  • Taking over infrastructural management and the organisation of all facility services, such as:
      • Daily or periodic cleaning of offices and general areas
      • Special cleaning
      • Garage cleaning
      • Cleaning of facades and glass roofs
      • Winter services
      • Gardening services

Contact person:

Photo of Ing. Michael Moshammer
Ing. Michael Moshammer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 740 Download VCF
Photo of Prok. Roman Kleedorfer
Prok. Roman Kleedorfer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 716 Download VCF

Lift management

Lift management

Our lift management services range from the erection of new buildings, via management and repairs, to upgrades and safety-related optimisation.

The professional management of aspects such as lift maintenance, fault management, operational controls and annual inspection and remediation of identified defects are included within this framework. We will assume operational responsibility and will invoice annually only, to simplify your monitoring of costs.

Our customers will also benefit from uniform service contracts with strictly comparable services, from information on statutory promulgations and their potential consequences and from personal assistance by a contact person in charge of all the aspects of lift management.

Contact person:

Photo of Ing. Michael Moshammer
Ing. Michael Moshammer Tel:: +43 1 534 99 740 Download VCF

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We are specialists in the facility management of real estate and landed property, with special emphasis on issues of a technical nature. Since we have highly specialised technical staff handling these assignments, we can confidently guarantee that the in-house components of our projects in these fields will be well above average.

As the principal contractors, we can offer our customers the following services:

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